Saturday, March 31, 2007

Musical and her kitchen :).

Welcome to my "about" page :). I am musical, your host at Musical's Kitchen.....bringing you the foodie thoughts from my lil' kitchen in Los Angeles :). I am foodie, who dreams and thinks about food even while taking a long walk, or a bus ride: a "chatori" in the truest sense of the word :-D. My entry into the food blogging world happened early this year.....after getting inspired by the wonderful foodie corners i had been visiting. I was inspired not only by the wonderful recipes, photographas and words on these blogs, but also by the warm and friendly community feeling the desi food blogs radiate. To me it signified the spirit of sharing, what with the different e-potlucks and the friendly chit-chats in the comments section and also a strong will to do good things in life.....Slowly and steadily, i got more and more inclined to be a part of this community.....and thus began my tryst with food blogging :).

Before coming to the US, i had hardly done much cooking. But like my parents, i too had an inclination to not just enjoy good food, but also learn what makes good food :-D. After coming here, i had a chance to experiment with cooking.....and surprisingly i did a decent job :). Am sure its Mom's blessings and love :). And when i found out the foodie blogosphere, here was my chance to share whatever lil' i knew. I must mention that i have learnt a lot from my friends too.....about different cuisines, food habits and a lot more.

Ooh, that sounded really very serious :-D. Now for some funny food facts about me:

  • For all my claims to be a genuine foodie, i don't own a single cook-book and am not into food shows at all! I solely rely on friends and food blogs for foodie learning.
  • My love for Upma is rather well known to my friends ;).
  • I have been accused of doing the "mooli ke peeche kya hai" dance ;).
  • I rarely bake. When i do, its mostly savories (including baked vegetables) or plain breads.....rarely a cake or brownies :).
  • I usually tweak a lil' bit here and there, when cooking from a recipe: partly explains my last point ;).
  • I love my masala chai :-D and coffee too :).
  • I sometimes make (and enjoy) blasphemous pastas with green chutney, or an overdose of green peas and corn and the likes :-D.
  • I make khichris, kadhis and paranthas out of almost any edible vegetarian thing :-D.
  • I end up talking about food with most of my friends in a casual conversation ;). Well, my friends are no different :-D.
Dear blog buddies, this blog took shape with the generous dose of inspriration you provided..... Oh! and dear reader, i thank you for being here and encouraging me :).


Meenakshi said...

I just found your blog through google and am really loving it. Your recipes look delicious... and not to mention the chit-chat makes me smiley! :) Thanks for sharing your foodie world.

SE said...

Just saw your comment on my blog & thanks for visiting!.your blog is looking gr8

Santhosh said...

Like your Paneer Kadhi Recipe. I love paneer. Going to try this at home. Thank you. Keep sharing your recipes.

Anonymous said...

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Always glad to share my ignorance - I've got plenty.

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