Friday, November 16, 2007

Sweet-potato stew (Thai-style) :)

Hi! all :). i am back after my hiatus ;). I apologize for not posting, late replies to the comments and lazy blog-hopping. Not that i didn't have any time, i probably did, atleast on some days.....but may be, i was tired.....and not in the right mood to post. If i would have posted something in a rush, it wouldn't have come out well :-D. And when i did feel like posting, i got sick. Hmm, so today i am back, hoping that i can post something :). I am sure you understand :).

What i want to share today is a lovely stew made out of sweet-potatoes, prepared in Thai style. Yup, Thai style (and not Thai, because i have only had it in a restaurant and have approximated it from an online recipe, so am not sure if its authentic Thai or not, but it definitely does use a lot of popular ingredients from Thai cuisine). The sweet potato cubes are simmered in coconut milk with green peas (which are either used as such or as a replacement for Thai pea-eggplants when they are not available. The restaurant dish used green peas), ginger, red chillies paste and basil. The result is a yummy, creamy stew :).

As i mentioned, i first had this dish at a restaurant and really loved it. So, i looked up the recipe online, and modiefied it to include similar ingredients and get a similar taste. The original recipes can be found here. I've mostly relied on the second recipe, and included basil and peas.

Yup, and ginger plays a key role in this recipe. You now know where this recipe is heading to :). Yup, for the thoughtful get-together celebrating ginger, at Sunita's place :). Now, if you really look around this blog, you'd notice my love for ginger :-D.

Majority of the recipes here rely heavily on ginger, especially the daal/beans recipes :). If you are all for ginger, you'll enjoy those too :). So, most of my regular, everyday food does celebrate ginger-that's why i thought to write about something different, using ginger. Since its a Thai recipe, galangal would do well here. But from the taste, i guess the restaurant used ginger.

So, here is how i made it:

Thai style sweet-potato stew:

We need:

  • 1 big sweet potato, peeled and cubed in to 1/2" cubes (i used garnet sweet-potato)-gives about 30-35 cubes.
  • 3/4 can of light coconut milk ( i use Chao-Koh or thai Kitchen brands)
  • 1 cup green peas
  • 1/2 onion (chopped-optional)
  • 1 heaped tbsp. grated ginger
  • 2 cloves garlic (crushed)
  • 1 heaped tsp. red chilli paste (you can use sambal oelek)
  • 1 tsp. lemon grass (pounded into paste)
  • Salt to taste
  • 1 tsp. oil
  • 5-6 basil leaves

First, prepare the sweet potato. Its difficult to cube, so you can soften it a bit by microwaving it for 1-2 minutes. Make 1/2" cubes out of it, and to reduce the preparation time, drizzle the cubes with some water and microwave an additional 4-5 minutes. Meanwhile, heat oil in a deep pan and saute' the onions. Now add the crushed garlic and grated ginger and saute' for another minute. Add the lemongrass paste and red-chilli paste next and mix well. Add 1 cup of water and cubed sweet potatoes (original recipe calls for vegetable broth, water is good enough) and bring to boil. Next, add the coconut milk, salt and 1-2 basil leaves and simmer on low till the stew thickenes a bit. Garnish with remaining basil leaves and serve hot with plain boiled rice of your choice. Enjoy :).

As i said, i am taking this to our ginger themed potluck hosted by the lovely Sunita. Thanks, Sunita, for celebrating my ever favorite spice :). And did i tell you, that ginger is really good to relieve minor coughs and colds and body-aches :). Not to mention that it smells "oh, soooooooo fresh" :). Hope you all enjoy this and will pardon me for being a not-so-regular blogger :-D.



sunita said...

Dear musical, I pardon you with all my heart...if you bounce back with such a lovely dish, who wouldn't? Thanks for that thoughtful really are a thoughtful person :-)

Sig said...

I am sure this tasted heavenly... I have a recipe with sweet potato in coconut milk, and that was delicious! And this has lemongrass and ginger too... I am drooling!

Mansi Desai said...

welcome back!! I was wondering where you had disappeared:) the curry looks inviting, and right in time for thanksgiving too! and adding Thai spices just adds more substance!!


bee said...

i made a similar looking thai curry with sweet potatoes. loved it. will post it soon.

TBC said...

Musical, y couldn't u have posted this when I had a BIG bag of sweet potatoes which I had no idea what to do with except make baked potatoes & more baked potatoes!:-(

Richa said...

bada sona color e! is it due to the chili paste? will try this recipe:) wow! 35 cubes, must be a huge potato :) i've coconut pwd waiting to be used , have u ever used it? hv a good wknd!

musical said...


Thanks a ton, dear :). I am so glad to have a lovely and gracious host like you :). Thanks for the thoughtful thoughts :-D.


You bet, it does! Coconut milk adds flavor to anything :). Do share your recipe whenever you can, am sure i can do with more variations :).


Yup, Thai cooking adds that much needed zing to any event :). So glad you liked it :).

musical said...


Looking forward to your post, dear :).


Sorry, dear, wasn't aware that you had so many sweet-potatoes. I love them, and have blogged some recipes here in the past,check under the yam/jimikand label. before this recipe, i've always used sweet-potatoes as a replacement for yams, but they are a great replacement :).


Haanji, tuhanu pasand aayi e sabzi. The color is due to sweet potatoes and red chilli paste :). And indeed that sweet potato was huge!! Thats why i gave the approximate number of cubes, so there's no confusion :). I've used coconut powder a cpl. of times, mainly as a dusting/garnish for laddoos, pedas and some cakes :). You too have a great weekend :).

KayKat said...

Yum! This sounds delightful! Stews rock, always so good to have something warm and comforting in fall!

Thanks, Musical.

indosungod said...

Musical home you feel better friend, that is a bowl of goodness with the coconut and ginger have to be perfect. I have never used sweet potatoes in a curry before, the other day I counted 4 different types of sweet potatoes/yam at the store. Need to give this a shot.

sra said...

The idea of sweet potato and coconut milk together is taking getting used to but I have all the ingredients, except for lemon grass, may make this soon.

musical said...


I agree, stew can brighten up any meal :). Am glad that you liked this one :).


Thanks, buddy-i am feeling better :). Sweet potatoes are really a good vegetable to use, i began using them as a replacement for yams, and grew really fond of them :).


Do try it, i am sure you'll enjoy it. One caution though, the sweet potatoes back home are much more strachy and sweeter than these, so you may manipulate the cooking conditions (especially cooking time) accordingly-or try using yams, if you have them.

Manisha said...

Musy! This has all the right ingredients! Looks wonderful, too! I need to find good lemongrass around here before I can try this.

Rachna said...

hey musy.... its ok....there's nothing like regularity in blogging... you cud be regularly posting once a month and we wud still cherish your posts...i know my posts will get more and more apart in the new im doing my best to post whenever i can now....hope youve recovered your health now... i'm really bad with thai food ...never ventured into that cuisine... i associate all coconut milk based curries as keralite....will try this and let u know...i'll send u a mail...ive got something nice to show you :)

Happy cook said...

The sweet potato dish looks so divine. Really clever to make this dish

Anita said...

look at the bright colours - red, green and yellow! Delicious it had got to be!

Saju said...

wow tha1t looks so good! I love thai curries. I once put a lot of the little pea aubergines in the curry - man they are so bitter. I learn my lesson just a few or use lots of peas instead

Nupur said...

A very novel way of using one of my favorite vegetables! You always come up with simple and tasty offerings, Musical.

Asha said...

Beautiful color Musie. Looks delicious. You can add vegetables, Thai cuisine is flexible. Except Fish sauce I like all the ingredients in Thai cooking.
Once I used Fish sauce to make Thai lunch hen we were in Grantham, Arvind ate the yummy dish and went back to work.Some nurse asked him weather he ate fish for lunch! He promptly came home, had a shower,changed his clothes and that's the last time I used Fish sauce!;D

musical said...


Yup, all the right ingredients :). Hey, don't worry about lemongrass. On occassions i've made it without lemongrass and its still divine!


Thanks for the comforting words, dear :). i know its better not to feel pressured, takes the fun out of blogging. But thats what makes you feel pressured to blog, the fun part :-D. This one is just as simple and delectable as our Kerala dishes, you'd love it! Waiting for your mail, dear :).

Happy Cook:

I loved this dish since the very first time i had it at a local Thai restaurant! i had to make it at home :). Glad you loved it :).

musical said...


I agree, the color quotient makes the whole experience even better :-D. and yes, delicious it is, for all its simplicity :).


Oh, those pea aubergines, i've heard too that they are really bitter! so never tried them at home. i feel they'll do better in stir fries. For such curries i'd stick to peas :).


I kinda' knew you'd love it :). Sweet potatoes are my favorite too, and for once i am featuring them as sweet potatoes, and not as a replacement for yams :-D. Remember the A-Z days ;).


I'll take your tip and try this with more veggies next time :). Your story is funny :). I don't use fish paste as i am a vegetarian :-D. Thats a good one :).

Manasi said...

Takecare Girl!!
That is one creamy, good looking stew!!
I have always been confused with yams and sweet potatoes ( sweet potatoes is Ratalu in India, and yam = suran.. ok that part was clear, but here these crazy prople have mixed up everything!)


It looks heavenly!!!!Looks straight out of the restaurant!!

Shweta said...

This looks awesome! Gosh! Look at the colors!! Love you dear musical for trying out all this yummy stuff and letting us know about it :D... And yea, glad you are BACK!

DEEPA said...

This is something new form of potato .....must be really tasting great ...awesome lady rock

musical said...


Thanks, ji :). I know, yams and sweet potatoes ;). He he, so much confusion there :-D. The stew indeed is very creamy!


Thanks a lot, dear :). i am glad you found it enjoyable :).


Now, that makes me blush :). i am glad to be back as well :).


It really did taste great, sweetie :). Thanks for the generous words, dear :). You rock, too :).

Ramya's Mane Adige said...

Hey, hope you are feeling better now.... Sweet potato stew would have surely tasted wonderful!!! It looks lovely too :)

Sandeepa said...

I am sure it tasted great looks divine too.
Hey musy its fine to be in & out of blog hopping...if only someone would pay us for doing this, you know "service to mankind" :D

sagari said...

it looks so yummy musical

A kitchen scientist & a white rat hubby!!! said...

hi musical, this is something really new to me, havent tried any much variations with sweet potaoto, thanks for sharing

musical said...


Thanks, dear-i am much better now :). And the stew did indeed taste super-delicious!


He he, you never fail to brighten up the day with your witty comments, dear :). Thanks a lot!


Thanks, buddy!

Kitchen Scientist:

Thanks, dear! It does taste really good and creamy!

Mishmash ! said...

Ok, I pardon you! :)hope u re getting well . the bowl is very inviting coz of its colour and consistency...very creamy like...

On another note, your profile pic reminds me of a childhood foto of mine...always wanted to tell u but keep forgetting :)


Seema said...

Nice curry & thai style.. who would'nt love it! looks great, tasted out of this world i guess:-)

Rachel said...

I adore the colour of the food..Pleasing yellow!

Dee & Chai said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Dee & Chai said...

Looks Yum- coconut and potatoes are always DIVINE!!!!

musical said...


Thanks for pardoning me :). I am feeling better now :). Hey, and am thrilled that you too have a similar looking picture! This is one of my most favorite childhood pictures!

musical said...


Thanks, dear :). It did taste very yummy, and had a familiar comfort to it!


Thanks :). I love the color too!

Dee and Chai:

Yup, coconut and potatoes have always been a great combo and sweet potatoes come a really close match :).

Vcuisine said...

Musical, this is different and unique recipe. With ginger, could imagine the flavor and taste. Take care. Viji

Priya said...

The only time I buy sweet potato is when I feel like eating them baked ! So I buy one or two at the max..thats it, have never used it in a dish before. I love anything Thai and am surely going to try this one. Lovely recipe Musical.

musical said...

Hey friends, apologies again for being late.....


Thanks, dear :). I am so glad to see you back and to know that you enjoyed your trip!


So good to see you here, welcome to my corner, buddy :). I love baked sweet potato too (especially dressed up with salt, chili powder and lime juice) :-D. Am sure you'll enjoy this dish :).

Linda said...

Easy to pardon you when I pass by to find such a treat as this Musical -- so rich and colorful! Lately so many sweet potatoes cropping up here and there - I must try some.

Hope you're doing well :)

PS: yes, my son loved the world series, 2 wins for the red sox in his short lifetime. Here in Boston they used to say, if you raise your kids to love the red sox it's cruel -- maybe time to change that saying ;)

Roopa said...

wow musy thats looks awesome at last my lappy is back but will be taking a break for sometime yet:)

Latha Narasimhan said...

Nice curry and beautiful picture! :)

Mandira said...

Musical, What a way to get back... this looks fabulous :)

shilpa(AR) said...

You and Sia are making me drool :(. I love Thai dishes.
Now I am off to read abt the red chili paste..I have to find that and lemon grass to try this recipe. It looks so tempting....

musical said...

Dear friends, i hope you'll pardon my irregularity in replying to your comments. I really appreciate your kindness and love.


Thanks, dear! First Red Sox and now Pats! Yay!! That saying is really gonna' change soon. The sports scene has never been hotter in Boston :).


Enjoy your break, dear :).

Latha ji:

Thanks :). Coming from you, it means a lot!


Good to see you back and healthy! Hope you are feeling much better now.


This is really a quick recipe. Don't worry about lemon grass, tastes good without it as well. For making a quick chilli paste yourself, grind together a lil' sesame oil, rice vinegar, a lil' garlic and fresh red chillies. Works out fine.

Kajal said...

Sweet potato curry with peas very nice combination of sweet with spicy my dear. I will try out in next week. Thanks for sharing my dear.:) Very nice photos.:)))

Seema Bhat said...

Musical, That stew in the Thai way looks yummy. How did you manage to pound lemon grass into paste? I love the lemony flavor of it.

musical said...


THanks, dear :). Do let me know how you like it :).


He he, i am lazy and so didn't want to use the blender-the mortar-pestle was kept nearby and i ended up grinding the lemon grass into paste with some warm water :-D.

Pelicano said...

Musy- sorry I didn't comment earlier- thought I had, but realized I didn't. That's a beautiful kaeng! Love the pretty garnish of basil and red chile, and this is such a nice, soothing meal with rice, plus you get more for your money than you would with T.G. Express! Hehehehe

Pelicano said...

p.s.I, like you, like using my mortar-and-pestle for a lot of things: it's the most GREEN way isn't it? :-) Lemongrass isn't too difficult if it's sliced fine beforehand.

Pelicano said...

p.s.I, like you, like using my mortar-and-pestle for a lot of things: it's the most GREEN way isn't it? :-) Lemongrass isn't too difficult if it's sliced fine beforehand.

Sandeepa said...

Knock, knock..end of sem or are you done with the sem stuff and it is only research now. Whatever get it done with and come back

Shweta said...

Musy dear Musy dear where have you been?

Tee said...

This looks super delish ! :) Hope you are doing fine now. I myself have been so irregular in the blogging world...i know how it is. Don't worry sometimes taking a break is a good idea :)

Meera said...

that looks seriously delicious!

Soul Cocina said...

Great to have you back. I have cooked your palak plantain sabzi 2 times at home and it was a big hit. It will become a staple in the Soul Cocina repertoire.

Do you know what this is?

I thought you might be able to help me identify this unique indian fruit.

Thanks for your help.

I enjoy your blog.


Priyanka said...

Ahh sweet potatoes thai style look delicious...i can have thai anytime anywhere.a really lovely recipe- i have yet to try thai at home:)

musical said...

Dear Friends:

Once more, i am realy sorry about replying so late.....


Indeed, this curry with rice is a very comforting meal. Very mellow and fulfilling!


I hope to get back soon :-D.


I am around, just not blogging much :). Hopefully, i'll get to it soon :).


It is delicious indeed :).


Thanks for trying the recipe and the kind words. I am so glad that you enjoyed the palak-plantain dish. I left a note on your blog about those two fruits :).


Thai cooking works well at home, given the similarities in flavor :). Do try Thai cooking at home, you'll enjoy it even more :).

Shilpa said...

I tried this yesterday. It was delicious. My hubby usually does not eat any Thai dishes, but he too loved this. As you had suggested, I didn't use lemon grass bcos I could not find it. Thanks dear.

musical said...


Thank you so much for trying the dish and letting me know how you liked it. I am so happy that you both enjoyed the stew a lot :). This stew has a very comforting feel to it, isn't it :).

Anonymous said...

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TBC said...

No posts for a long time now, Musical? Hope it is only 'cos you are too busy enjoying yourself;-)
Happy Holidays to you!

sra said...

Hey Musica, where are you? Happy New Year!

Shilpa said...

Wish you and your family a very happy new year dear.

indosungod said...

Hi Musical

Happy New Year! How have you been?
Have not seen you around lately.

Mishmash ! said...

heyy...whats happening here...where re u..? Is everything alright..?

Wishing you a great year ahead !

Miss U!


Ramya said...

hey, long since I heard an update from you.... hope everythings alright at your end....

grihini said...

hey, how have u been? no posts recently?
Happy new year though. :)

Archana said...

The stew looks very inviting and yummy. Recently sweet potato has been in my list everytime i go to the grocers. This time its going to be your stew. Wait till you hear my comments. Thanks for sharing.

Sia said...

hey musie,
wishing u and ur loved ones a very happy new yr. bit stuck up with work and was not able to wish u earlier:)
by the way, hw come no new posts since mid-nov?? busy kya? will mail u later.
luv and hugs

musical said...

Hey Friends,

Sorry for not replying promptly.....i am sure you all understand.

Adam Brown:

Not sure what you mean.


Thanks buddy, am doing fine :). Hoping to show up here soon!


Thanks , dear! i am right here, and will be showing up soon.


Thanks a lot for the warm wishes. Wish you and your loved ones a great year ahead too.


Thanks, dear. I am good, just hoping to get back to posting soon as i can :).


Thanks for the note, dear. I am good and miss blogging too :). Happy New Year to you and your loved ones too.


Thanks buddy, i am good :). Looking forward to posting soon.


Thanks for the note and happy new year to you and your loved ones too!


I look forward to hearing from you, dear :).


Good to hear from you, dear! Happy New year to you and your loved ones too. Haven't blogged in a while.....but am hoping that i'll get to it soon :).

Ramya's Mane Adige said...

hey, I thought I had seen a lovely cake here early this year.... '08, I mean! :) whatever happened to that??!?!?!?? Or am I mistaken?? *thinking*

musical said...


He he, i haven't ever posted any bakes here. I hardly bake cakes, most of my baking is savory and haven't gotten around posting any bakes so far!

Raaga said...

Happy New Year!!

I am visiting your blog after ages... I was busy, then I blogspot didn't open at all... and sort of one problem after another. I just bought sweet potatoes... I will try this. It looks delish.

musical said...


Happy New Year to you and your loved ones as well :). You didn't miss much on my blog :-D. Haven't posted in ages ;). Try the stew, you'll enjoy it.

Dee & Chai said...

Hi Musical, thanks for leaving a cooment on our blog! Happy New Year to you. We will be back to blogging in a few days( mayb in a month's time). Tied up with studies and work at the moment.

Anonymous said...

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trupti said...

happy new year..though belated, surili.....sorry for not being in touch,just TOO much on the plate right now..will drop a line soon...

hugs and best wishes,

Sia said...

musie, ab to vapas aajaa:) he he he... i am hosting an event called ode to potato and the deadline is march 15th... i am hoping that u would resume ur blog by then send me some delicious entries;)
tc girl...
hugs to u...

Flanboyant Eats said...

oh boy... this is another one of those must add to my cooking list. the colors really are great! good for you. I'll be back fo' sho'!

Raaga said...

long time no see hope all's well

Anonymous said...

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