Saturday, February 23, 2008

Going green: Chard and mushrooms :)

Having gotten back to blogging very recently, i have been full of enthusiasm :). So after posting the recipes celebrating kokum, the plan was to post another recipe the very next day. That would have made it a hat-trick :-D. A post a day, i would have been onto a blogging spree! But how could i, Ms. Musical (the lazy one), get around doing that :-D. So, here i am, after having put the pictures in draft a cpl. of days ago, finally typing the recipe ;).

This is a quick one, but immensly delish! A hearty combination of the beautiful chard and the delectable mushrooms,
something that can be prepared in a matter of minutes and is a great accompaniment to any meal :).

I've used rainbow chard and baby-bella mushrooms here, but other varieties also work fine. Here's how we go about it.

Chard and mushroom sabzi:

We need:

  • 1 bunch (7-8 leaves) Swiss chard (regular, red, rainbow-they all are good. I love red and rainbow varieties though, because they look so pretty)-chopped coarse.
  • 1 and half cup sliced mushrooms
  • 1/2 onion, sliced fine
  • 1/2 tsp. cumin
  • Salt to taste
  • red chilli powder to taste
  • 1/2 tsp. turmeric
  • A pinch of garam masala (equal proportions of cinnamon, cloves and fennel seeds: roasted, cooled and ground into a fine powder. This recipe is one of my favorite masala recipes and works really well with green leafy vegetables. Its a very typical Kerala style spice recipe and i was first introduced to this one by my very dear friend, Ms. Moon).
  • 1 tsp. oil
We start by the obligatory (ahem!) step of heating the oil in a pan and spluttering the cumin seeds (which can be replaced by mustard seeds for another delicious variation). Next, sliced onions are added and saute'ed. We then add the chopped mushrooms and stir fry them till tender (takes about 4-5 minutes). Next, we add the chopped greens and stir in the salt, red chilli powder and turmeric. We let the veggies cook on low heat till done.
Finally, we sprinkle a pinch or two of the garam masala powder and enjoy this dish with chapatis and dahi or sambar- rice or (you guessed it right) as a sandwich stuffing :).

Other variations:

Add a lil' bit of grated coconut to this dish (use some chopped green chillies in this case, instead of red chilli powder). Try eggplants (the Chinese and Japanese varities) instead of mushrooms, or even green peas or corn. Each results in a delicious quick fix side-dish. Enjoy :).


sra said...

You got that much from just 7-8 leaves of chard? My greens, even if use 3-4 bunches, ultimately fit into a katori!!!

Raaga said...

This looks easy to prepare... thanks Musical

Agree with Sra, I clean 4 bunches of any greens... and its like it serves one!!

Pelicano said...

Looks and sounds deeelicious! Love the greens and mushroom combo anytime, and the bright-coloured chards are indeed lovely- one of my fav veggies as a child.

Nupur said...

Delicious it is! Thank you for the idea of that simple cinnamon-fennel-clove masala :)

Asha said...

I love the colorful rainbow swiss chard too, cooked last week. Loks yummy Musie. Glad you are back in your groove now!:))

Anonymous said...

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Siri said...

I never tasted Chard... but the dish looks delish Musi..:D.. seems like its time to bring some chard this weekend!

- Siri

Richa said...

as u said, chard subzi, roti & dahi....totally fulfilling....will take it anytime :) I totally agree w/ you about not making a "chutney " out of all
I've tried greens w/ peas and the subzi was so good!

indosungod said...

Musy, chard is one of my favorite, love them much more than spinach. That is a terrific combination and with just few simple spices a powerhouse.

sunita said...

Musical, it's so nice to see you updating frequently :-) chard...another way for me to use it now :-)

TBC said...

I make something similar minus the mushrooms.

Your version sounds delicious.:)

musical said...


Chard leaves are thicker and sturdier, and very huge. If it were spinach or mustard leaves or for that matter any of the soft greens like methi etc, you wouldn't be left with much. But chards do hold themselves well, and plus you need to chop coarse for this recipe and salt is added much later, thus allowing the greens to retain shape :). Collard and kales also have thicker and drier leaves and thus hold shape as well.


It is an easy-breezy recipe. Like i mentioned to Sra, chards have bigger and thicker leaves and thus hold shape much better. But if you plan to use spinach or methi, i'd surely use 3-4 bunched atleast :).


Now, i have found a fan of this combo :-D. Chards are really great: pretty, healthy and delicious :).


Thanks :). Am glad you liked the ideas in the recipe. Do try this sabzi in sandwich, it rocks!

musical said...


Thanks :). I agree, chards are lovely! And am delighted to be blogging, and with a decent amount of enthu :-D.


Thanks :). Indeed, time to bring home some chard :). You won't be disappointed, girlie. Go for it :).


I knew you'd like it :). Greens, roti and sabzi is a comfort food, isn't it! And i love the greens and matar combo too :).


Chards have a very unique flavor, and they go so well with aloo, mushrooms, eggplants, you name it! I too love simple recipes, and do try the spice mix, it totally takes a recipe notches higher!

musical said...


He he, i am a bit surprised too :-D. Thanks, am sur eyou'll enjoy this combo.


May we have the recipe please :). Would look it up on your blog.

Sig said...

Almost like a thoran, if you add the coconut... Love it musy! Loved the combo of mushrooms and greens too, never tried that...
BTW, good you didn't post three days in a row, I'd have gotten a heart attack... Just seeing three posts a week from you itself is shocking :O ...

Kalai said...

Musical, the combo of chard and mushrooms sounds delicious! I adore chard and the mushrooms with this simple masala would have so much flavor! :)

musical said...


Yup, almost like thoran :). And i do add coconut sometimes (i mention it in variations). You really know me well, girlie :-D.

Oye, i can do better ;). Though i know three posts one after another would have been too shocking :-D.


These two veggies are so flavorful :). You are right, the combo is yummy! You'll surely like it.

evolvingtastes said...

Hey, I fall sick for a while and what do you do but go post one delicious thing after another! Chard is a huge favorite of mine, and I have a version with lots of onion that I should soon post! Right now, I cannot eat much more than dal chawal, sadly.

musical said...


Hope you are feeling better now! Would love to try out your version.

Get well soon,

Coffee said...

I hereby crown you the Queen of "wonderful combinations"!! And who would have thought of greens + Mushroom..... who but a scientics? ;)

Hahaha good to see you back to bloging..... and this goes right in my to make list! :)

musical said...



So good to see you! i am thrilled to see you here! Thanks, girl (blush) ! i am excited to be back as well :).

Rachna said...

hey musy, im gonna try this, coz ive never cooked with chard... but paired with mushrooms?? I dont fancy mushrooms in too many dishes so this encourages me to try :)

Dee & Chai said...

We are glad we found this recipe! We love incorporating greens into our diet and keep finding ways to do this. Thanks!

Happy cook said...

It looks so delicious. I've never tried this veggie, will look for it next time when i go for shopping

Anonymous said...

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Sagari said...

never tried chard till now, soon I am going to try your recipe musical

Anonymous said...

This comment has been removed because it linked to malicious content. Learn more.

musical said...


Thanks, sweetie. If you are not big on mushrooms, try it with eggplants-you'll enjoy that, for sure :).

Dee and Chai:

Thanks, girls. I am gonna' be posting more greens recipe, so stay tuned :).

Happy Cook:

Thanks, dear :). Do try chard, you'll surely enjoy this vegetable.


Thanks, buddy! You'll really enjoy chard-it goes so well with Indian style of cooking.

Nanditha Prabhu said...

never tried chard before...would like to try now.... :)

Mandira said...

I absolutely love the combination musical, will try it soon!

Sukanya Ramkumar said...

WOW!...This is a healthy dish...Nice to see chard and mushroom together...Love them.....But never tried together...Love it...

Linda said...

Honestly, I was just thinking about mushrooms and spinach combo tonight, but not pureed like khumb saag I have seen -- more like this, chopped greens and mushrooms. Chard would be even better, and now I don't have to think up a reicpe! Looks delish, as you say :)

Ramya's Mane Adige said...

hey!!! Chard and mushroom sounds new!!I'm seeing a whole lot of mushroom recipes in everyones blogs nowadays.... Naveen is loving it!! :)

musical said...


You are gonna' love chard, its such a lovely green!


Thanks :). Am sure you'll enjoy this combo, they are both great vegetables.


Thanks, dear :). Do try them togetheer, if you love them individually, then this combination is for you.


That's so sweet :). I agree, the stir-fried greens have their own charm :). Am sure you'll enjoy greens and mushrooms combination.


Thanks :). I love mushrooms too, and am not complaining about the many varities of mushrooms :-D. They are so easy to cook, one of the first choices if i have to cook something really quickly!

TheCooker said...

Niiice combo.
I'm going to try the cinnamon-clove-fennel combo rightaway.

Suganya said...

You once mentioned a similar subzi with zucchini. I bet mushrooms were tasty too.

musical said...


That masala totally rocks! You are gonna' love it!


Yup, zucchini goes so well with chards and methi (one of the first greens recipes on this blog). Mushroosm were really tasty too :). And did i tell you that mushrooms and zucchini go well together too :).

Swati: Sugarcraft India said...

Hi Musical

Seeing you in a long time now..Great to see you back..
Lovely greens with mushrooms!!

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Mansi Desai said...

I have this inherent aversion to chard, I don't know why!! but I can say that the flavors in your recipe sound amazing!:)

Vani said...

That dish looks appetizing! Healthy too!

Dee & Chai said...

Thanks for stopping by our site often(:-)We want to send our entry to Sandeepa's event. Could you please tell us her website-Thanks!!

Dee & Chai said...

Thanks- U R a sweetheart!!!!

Sandeepa said...

Lovely recipe. That Garam Masala is typical to Kerala is it ? I like the idea of fennel in it.
I guess every region in India has its own Garam Masala too

musical said...


Thanks a ton, dear :). Greens and mushrooms go really well together, you must try the combination.


Thanks,dear! I sure will check out your recipe forum.


He he, you might as well give chard another try ;).


It sure is very appetizing and healthy!

Dee and Chai:

That indeed was a great entry for RCI: Bengal, girls :). Your blog is very sweet.


Soooooooo good to see you here! This is a typical Kerala combination, which i first learnt about from my friend, and then later Shn blogged about it once. i am not sure if it is named as such, but its one of the best combinations.

Anonymous said...

See here or here

Jyothsna said...

Love the way you'v prepared chard. Surprising you got that much out of 7- 8 greens shrink into nothing!!

musical said...


Thanks, dear! If you just stir fry chard and add salt only towards the end, then the greens do hold their shape rather well. This was enough for 3-4 decent servings.

sunita said...

Hi Musi,
How've you been? Haven't seen much of you around lately ...

Take care sweetie,

Archana said...

hi, a different combination for sure.Will have to give it a try. But surely the quantity seems handsome. BTW, I am hosting a ONE DISH MEAL EVENT, I would love for you to participate. The details are at my site.

Usha said...

My first visit to your blog,loved it,also loved this combo of chard and mushrooms,never tried that before :)

kids apron said...

thinking deeply this is much very easy to cook. just follow the recipe and poof you have your cooked food in no time.

Cathy said...

This dish is perfect for vegans. Love to try this. Thanks for the recipe, eh. :)

Cathy@medical equipments

Bobby said...

Just made this according to the recipe - delicious! and now I have a little baggie of garam masala to use on other occasions :) Many thanks! So glad to put our freshly grown swiss chard to such good use

Bobby said...

Update: in a moment of experimental abandon, I just cut up an acorn squash and sauteed it in a wok - it was sticking a lot (I used walnut oil, maybe I should have added more) but it turned out delicious. Added some salt, pepper, a little water, and freshly minced garlic while it was cooking. Then at the end, I sprinkled it with a few small pinches of the garam masala that I had left over from this recipe - heavenly!