Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Just for the party: Shimla Mirch and Paneer :).

Yeah, there is an actual new post here :). Gone are the days (months?) of being greeted by the same old batata-vada, in case you happened to visit this blog in the past year ;). I'll be honest, it's not been an easy post to write-there is more than year's worth of laziness to shrug off :).

But, the occasion demands it. A Mad Tea Party has been organized and our gracious hostess has been kind enough to allow late comers to be a part of the fun fiesta. After having two crazy parties which involved lots of frying, she has chosen the theme of instant gastronomic gratification, desi ishtyle. Make something quick, easy, delicious. Something that does not exotify Indian cooking, but rather highlights the vast variety that Indian food boasts of, with the myriad regional twists and flavors.

I debated a lot on what to prepare for this event. It had to be simple, amenable to adaptations and quick to make. I chose a simple combination of bell peppers and Indian cottage cheese, the two ingredients i had available at hand. The dish is very quick and easy, and you can play any number of combinations on it. The main reason, though, is that this was one of the first few dishes I ever prepared :). Besides, there is a lot of nostalgia factor involved. This is also the dish that a dear teacher of mine fondly mentioned in several conversation.

Trivia: Since this recipe involves paneer, it has some Punjabi flair. This is a slightly unusual combination for a Punjabi meal though. Bell peppers in Punjab are a summer vegetable, while paneer dishes are usually either reserved for special occasions or winter/autumn/spring season. So this is not something you would typically find in rural Punjabi homes for an everyday meal, though it does make an popular choice for special occasions. However, where I currently live, bell peppers are available all year round and the weather is usually mild, making this an appropriate everyday dish for my kitchen.

As for versatility, the bell peppers and onions combination is one of my favorites. I have tried this dish replacing paneer with tofu, eggplants, zucchini and crook-neck squash, and replacing cumin with mustard seeds/nigella/panch-phoron and the results have always been delightful! Sometimes I've just used ground Sichuan-peppers/Teppal and enjoyed it immensely. I recommend each of these variations.

Here is how we prepare this dish:

Key ingredients:

1 onion,sliced thin
2 bell peppers, diced
20-25 bite size (1") cubes of fresh paneer
Seasonings: 1/2 tsp cumin, 1/4 tsp. turmeric, salt to taste
1-2 tsp. oil

Optional ingredients: Kashmiri red chilli powder (for color), 1/4 tsp. amchoor or one tomato (cubed) for a tangy twist, crushed garlic/garlic salt or garam masala for a different flavor.

Preparation: Let's begin with the stereotypical "heat oil in a pan". While the oil is heating, we cut the onion into two halves and chop each half into thin slices. Next, we splutter the cumin in hot oil, saute' the onions for 2-4 minutes. During this time, we chop the bell peppers and prepare paneer cubes. Add the paneer cubes and pan fry them next on medium to high heat. They should turn golden. Next, we add the bell peppers and stir-fry some more (4-5 minutes). We then add salt and turmeric, reduce the heat, cover and cook an additional 10 minutes (or till the bell pepper pieces are tender). This is the basic version of the recipe and can be jazzed up with additional seasonings mentioned in "optional ingredients". Total time involved in preparing this dish was close to 25 minutes or so. This is a great everyday and party dish. I enjoyed this dish along with a simple matar kadhi and plain rice, for dinner with my friend Ms. AK and sent some over to buddy MD via pictures. My friends loved it, and that's what counts :). I hope you will love it too.

Here's to fun-times! Thank you, Anita!


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sra said...

I used to make this all the time, with tofu too, then I don't know why I stopped making it. I have you to thank for reminding me!

Happy cook said...

Welcome back after long. This dish looks really yumm and would love to have them with roties.

Rachna said...

YEY, I was so excited to see a post here.....OMG, im so hungry early in the morning now, thanks Musy!! as you know paneer with anything is yummy for me and esp this combo!!! yum yum yum.....

Mishmash ! said...

Finally !!!!! :)

Hope to see more activity here :)

pelicano said...

Hey hey, party girl! Bell peppers never looked better- I hope there's enough for me to have a second helping!

Matar kadhi, eh? Funny you say that because I make your Gujju-style kadhi using vatana-dhal quite often- goes good with pickles ya know? :-)

onacilep said...

Forgot to say: I really like that black bowl- especially in combo with the marble surface: very elegant.

A&N said...

Awesome! I love bell pepper and literally stopped eating paneer :| So, this dish certainly reminds me of home, though am no Punjabi!

We make this with tofu and barbeque sauce :D on those days when you want to eat and crash! Good to have you back, Musy!

- Nandini

evolvingtastes said...

Great to see a post from you!!

(pot-kettle, and all that apart. :))

Manisha said...

W00t! Anita has a lot of power!

This is such a great recipe for weeknights!

musical said...

Thank you, all :). I am obviously thrilled to see that y'all still remember this blog :).

Sra: Oh yeah, often certain dishes fall out of routine without any apparent reason. There used to be a time when i made Rajma every weekend-has been more than year, i guess, since i made rajmas!

Happy Cook: And I am happy to see you, dear :).

Rachna: Thanks, dearie :). And paneer dishes usually are very quick to put together, aren't they!

Shn: Thankie :). I hope so too :).

Pel: STOP advertising, START sharing ;). That was some serious achaari post y'day! Kadhi is another of my weekdays go-to dish, very versatile and always delicious!

Nandini: Thanks :). Tofu works so well in this dish! I must try this one with bbq sauce. You don't like the taste of paneer anymore, or just the hassle of making good paneer/buying it from a reliable source?

Evolvingtastes: Thanks :). I happy to be back as well :).

Manisha: She does wield a lot power now, doesn't she? Yup, this is perfect for a busy weekday. Ekdum jhatpat!

Pelicano said...

Ooops! I meant khichri, not kadhi...but kadhi is always on my mind...but I only like that with 5-spice mango pickle now.

musical said...

:). I love that Khichri too!

But i make kadhi with matar, eazy-breezy quick-fix! May be i should post a recipe sometime.

Sig said...

I had to see it to believe it! Welcome back girlie, hope you stay a while this time.. :)

musical said...

Sig: He he, you have high hopes :P.

sunita said...

Firstly a very big "yaaaaay!" for refreshing this space.

Secondly, This is one of my favourite dishes too :-)

musical said...

Sunita: Thank you :). Isn't this one of the easiest and yummiest options when you are short on time!

Anita said...

Hey, what happened to my comment?

The Musical one is here - let the party begin!

I made my version just this week and did wonder if I shouldn't take a picture and bring it to the table...I scramble the paneer,add a fewtomatoes,and no turmeric; kuti lal mirch instead. Had the left overs stuffed in bread and toasted!Ummmm...

musical said...


Yummmmmmmmm, indeed! Yeah, let's rock the party!

You comment got eaten up? Sorry :(.

Damn the blogsopt!

Lavanya said...

ooh- It IS nice to see a new post..I've been visiting off and on (I usually lurk here, but your new post made me I love paneer with bell paper (actually I love those two with pretty much everything..:)) Looks yummy!!
oh- and has the express Indian deadline been extended- any idea till when?

Lavanya said...

oh and one more thing- I made your paneer kadhi a while ago and it was soo tasty!! I ended up making the mothan di khichdi too(for the same meal)- since both were on the same page and both were hard to resist. And even though I don't think they were meant to be eaten together(were they?)- I did so anyway..:)

Now I am craving paneeer!!!

C2Travels said...

I discovered this blog last year and have enjoyed many of the recipes. I'm glad to see that you are back!

musical said...

Lavanya: Thank you!! Yup, these two ingredients are delish pretty much any way you cook them! Thanks also for trying out the dishes and letting me know how you liked them. It really makes me happy how flavors travel from one kitchen to another.

I know that the deadline for the party has been extended, though not sure till when. Just bring you stuff in, our hostess is very accomodating :).

C2Travels: Thank you, dear :). Glad to have you here.

Srivalli said...

oh oh look who is here!...good to see some action in this space..and you better keep up to it!..:)..

Malar Gandhi said...



Bong Mom said...

Happy Diwali dear Musi, hope you had a great one

bhagyashri said...

Yes, I did check for a new post regularly & was happy to find this one. Couldnt help but notice that this one comes almost exactly after a year & for the same occassion as well :)

Cardamom said...

this is my kinda recipe!!!! I am going to try your version cos your recipes ALWAYS turn out great!


Malar Gandhi said...

Looks yummy:)

Divya and Chaya said...

Hi, Wanted to say we appreciate you stopping by our blog! why no activity -- were going through ur dairy (second blog) -- we felt as if you were speaking for us =)

Raaga said...

This is my party dish... ;-) Punjabi or not (I am in any case a confirmed Haryanvi yaa ;-)) I make this with paneer or soya chunks (and it doesn't get simpler na) and people will give you their wah-wahs.

And about hoarding (from Nupur's blog) like you I also have some attachment issues. Soul sisters?

Spice said...

My Fav. ....& yees easy to cook...u got a nice space here...

Bong Mom said...

Have a great year ahead Musy

TBC said...

Hope you have a fantastic 2010. Happy New Year!

Asha said...

Happy 2010 to you too Musy, wish you all the best in the World for you and family.

Yeah, 2009 was crappy but thinking good thoughts now with hope! :))

Love the combo, Trisha loves Paneer. We just dropped her off last night back to college after 3 weeks of break, feeling sad but what can you do?!

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