Saturday, April 14, 2007

L for Lobia-Shimla :)

Hey friends, time to head for Nupur's A-Z meetup. I am packing some L for Lobia-Shimla and lots of love :). Lobia or Raungi or Roongi or Roong or Chawli (or Black-eyed beans) as its known, is one of my recent favorites. The regular white colored lobia is also called chitta (Punjabi-White) lobia and the pink/red lobia is called lal lobia. and recent favorite?? you ask-yes! there was a time when i ate them but didn't enjoy 'em as much. He he, quite a childhood thing :)). It changed slowly.....Usually i would demand Rajma-Chawal for any special occassion, like the last day of exams :). On one such occassion, i.e. after the exams were over, Mom decided to make raungi instead.....and boy! did i make a face.....Rajmas can not be replaced with anything else :)). But somehow, that day, when i had the first byte, i fell in love with this marvellous bean :). Our hostess, Nupur beautifully describes these beans when she says that to her "they look like beans wearing kohl" :).

Over the time, i realized that most people who don't enjoy lobia as much, feel that it needs something needs to have a fuller flavor. In simpler words, it needs to be spiced up a bit :)). I usually make lobia as a daal, sometimes with potatoes (yes, we Punjabis add aloo to everything: so you have stuff like Rajma aloo, aloo chhole etc). Another favorite of mine is to make lobia with eggplants. But today, we'll try out lobia with bell peppers i.e. Shimla mirch :). Shimla adds that special something to this lovely legume :).

So lets say Love to Lobia and get ready :)

We need:

  • Black eyed beans (1 cup)
  • 1 bell pepper (cut long)
  • 1/4 tsp. shah jeera
  • 1 onion (chopped long)
  • 1 tbsp. chopped ginger
  • 2-3 big, ripe tomatoes (cubed)
  • Turmeric (about a pinch) and red chilli powder (to taste)
  • Salt to taste
  • 2 tsp. amchur
  • 1 tsp. melted ghee
  • Kasoori methi or chopped cilantro for garnishing
Soak the lobia for half an hour or so in warm water. Pressure cook it with just a lil' bit of water (4-5 whistles) and allow to cool (consistency should be like the picture above). Meanwhile, lets prepare the tadka/masala. In hot ghee, spluttershah-jeera and then saute' onions till golden brown. Add chopped ginger and saute'. You may add a lil' garlic paste also. Add the chopped bell peppers/capsicum and stir. Cook for 4-5 minutes. Now add the tomatoes, stir and cook on low till a thick masala is made. Add just a pinch of turmeric (adding less turmeric allows for the red hues of tomatoes to take over) and red chilli powder. Now add the amchur and stir. Add just a lil' bit of water to make a thick gravy and add the cooked beans to this. Cover and cook on low heat for the beans to absorb all the flavors and spices. Add chopped cilantro or dried methi leaves (take your pick-i used methi leaves). Serve hot with bread or rice of your choice.

I served this with bhatura :). I adapted this style of serving from a Dhaba in Amritsar, where they used to serve the chhole on top of the kulche and bhature.....

Notes: Add more water to get a suitable consistency of the gravy for it to go with rice :).

Enjoy the lovable lobia enhanced by the delectable shimla mirch :)


Coffee said...

In gujju we also call this choda..... the only difference from our gujju style is the absence of jaggery and presence of bell peppers. :)

I liked that dhaba style of eating!! :)

Linda said...

Hi Musical -- I guess I'm one who hasn't appreciated black-eyed peas (lobia is a prettier name!). Seeing your dish with them swimming in all that yummy gravy, I will have to give them another try! Looks delicious :)

Nupur said...

I love lobia (to me, they look like beans wearing kohl), and your recipe is making me drool. Did I mention how much I love your blog, Musical? 'coz I do!

Richa said...

haanji! hope you had a great Visakhi, sweetie!

lobia te shimla mirch te cha gaye!
the good thing about lobia is one can just soak it while chopping other stuff & it is still fine. loved the style of serving.
keep smiling!

musical said...


oh yes, how did i forget the Gujarati name! Thanks dear :). Will try this with jaggery, i think adding a bit of sweet flavor will only enhance the taste. How much jaggery do you add though-is the flavor overtly sweet, or just subtle like the daal.


Do give it a try.....who knows (like me) it might just take one bite for you to fall in love with lobia :)

musical said...


Thanks for the kind words (blush, blush).....and that description of lobia is the best ever i heard, really! You should start writing poetry, if you already don't :).


i completely agree with you on the soaking time saves so much time :).

To Coffee and Richa:

Isn't that style of serving sweet. i love it-they used to give a spoon in the dhaba to make small bites and eat.....very innovative indeed. i guess sometimes dhabawallahs have great innovations up their sleeve.

Sig said...

Musical, beautiful presentation! I haven't had black eyed beans in ages, but need to pick some red ones up today for a Vishu dish for tomorrow. I will pick up some white Lobia too, these look so much prettier... I like Nupur's description :)

trupti said...

Now that's my kind of Lobhia..with that looks delish..would go oh so perfect with some onion Kulchas too! Bhature ke saath ka combination ka to jawab hi nahin.

Sevai Upma accha laga na?? you said you eat it with dhaniye ki chutney? hmm...must make it again and try it that way...mein to upma ke saath either woh tikhi Milaga podi, dahi ya tikha Aaam ka aachar khana pasand karti hoon....
Dahi goes with anything for me!


sra said...

Hi Musical, how does your gravy look so creamy without any cream?

Reena said...

i love pulses and lobia curry looks really good. batura and lobia what a mouth watering combination!!!!

btw i agree with nupur's pulse with a kohl comment. lobia sharma jaayegi:)):))

baisakhi ki mubarakaan!!!

musical said...


Thanks dear :). Though i really wish my pictures would be half as good as yours. I love read beans too :). BTW, what all are you planning to prepare for Vishu-i am especially interested in how you use the red beans. and do get some white lobia too-try this one and am sure you'll like it :). Also, i agree, these beans are really so pretty-Nupur did a great job in describing their beauty :).


Hey, am so glad you loved this one. So, you love Onion Kulchas too :). It goes great with these breads. Do try this one, its super convenient, considering that one saves a lot of time on soaking etc.

And indeed the sevai upma tastes great with the hot green chutney-top the upma with some roasted peanuts and you are in for a real treat :) and dahi goes well with this one too.

hugs to you too,

musical said...


Hey, the creamy texture here comes from the tomatoes and the slow cooking.....which does wonders to enhance the smoothness of any daal. After you mix the daal with the tadka/masala-let it cook on low for sometime, with occassional stirring. The beans slowly start kinda' mixing with the gravy base, leading to the creamy texture-without cream :).


Yes, lobiya really sharma jayegi :). i love this preparation of lobia with breads. and Happy Visakhi to you also, dear.

Manjula said...

I only make Konknai style Bean Soup called "sarupkari" with lobia. This is a good alternative for me.

shilpa(aayisrecipes) said...

We call it alsande and its one of my all time fav bean. I have to try this sometime.

musical said...


I have had Sarupkari a cpl. of times, tastes really good. Actually i love lobia :)


Welcome to my blog :). Am glad you like alsande, isn't it delicious :).

Sangeeta said...

Love Lobia. This is such a great recipe :)

musical said...

Hey Sangeeta,

I love lobia too-hope you will enjoy this dish :)

Sandeepa said...

Thanks for this recipe, really. I got these beans the other day and since its not common in Bengal I made it just like I would do Rajma.
But my Colleagues wife makes Lobia which tastes way better than mine and I have already said she is a Punju
I will try this one next and I think i will pick the dry methi

bee said...

lobia is my fav dal. i like it any way, esp in salads.

dal with kohl? i think it looks like someone gave it a black eye. :-))

musical said...


Entirely my pleasure, dear :). btw, i love lobia made rajma style also. i think you'd like this recipe also though :) Yup, dry methi is usually my pick too :).


Wah Wah! You love lobia and then you give it a black eye ;). Well, poetic ppl. would call it a bean with kohl and Karate Masters would give it a black eye :)).

Pooja said...

Hi Musical,
Nice entry with "L". i like the way you served it.
thanks for sharing the recipe :) .Keep the goodwork going on. though it is my first time here, i wondered as where was i till now ? :))
nice blog and good posts too !
keep blogging .

musical said...

Hey Pooja:

Welcome to my corner, dear. Feels so good to see you back :). Had been reading your blog.....and was missing you. Thanks for the warm and encouraging words.


Sushma said...

I too love lobhia...thats a wonderful recipe with capsicum...i definitely gonna try that..

thanxs Musical so much for posting this recipe..


musical said...

Hi Sushma:

Welcome to my kitchen :)

Shake hands lobia fan, this bean rocks-doesn't it :). Enjoy.

Sharmi said...

I usually make such dals when I am out of veggies. I use lot of different varieties.masoor is my favorite. nice recipe!


musical said...

Hey Sharmi,

Thanks dear. i like masoor daal too :).

Richa said...

hi! thuadde lai ek Q siga - tusi mere last post di pix vekh sakhdeo? yes the megabean;-) many are not able to view it.

Swapna said...

I never loved Chawli coz of its bland taste..However, ur recipe sounds diff..Shall give it a shot

musical said...

Hey Richa,

Yup, i can see them.....those huge beans :)). Did you try editing the post to load the pics. again-or is it just a browser problem!

Hey Swapna,

i know what you mean :). once upon a time, i too had the same issues with chawli ;). Hope you'll like this one.

trupti said...


I have a request...could you puhleesse, pretty please, post YOUR version of Upma????? I am in a upma craving mode for the past 2 days...ab sar pe pani chaad gaya hai, banana padega, but in the meantime, I would like to see how you make it...koi jaldi nahi...fursat se..!


musical said...

Hey Trupti,

Sweetie, anything for you :), i have been thinking of an Upma fan club post for days now. So i'll post my own recipe and also put together a list of recipes from around the blogsphere. How does that sound :). it might be pretty soon, considering i have the pictures ready :)).

Badle mein thoda sevai upma milge na ;).

trupti said...

Sevai upma hi nahi, woh Cannelloni aur Daal-dhokli bhi bhijwa doongi...FED EX se!

thanks...check your mail...!


musical said...


You are so cute :).


Sig said...

Hey Musical, guess what, my dear husband went shopping and got me some black colored beans and huge kidney beans instead of black eyed beans from the Indian store. So I had to send him to the regular store again, and he bought white lobia instead of red... I made Olan and Erissery with the white beans, it looked very pretty and was yummy!!!

musical said...

Hey Sig,

Siv seems to be having a fun time finding his way with the beans :).
Though finally what matters is that the Olan and Erissery tasted good :).
and anyway, you were thinking of getting some white lobia too-may be he was just trying to surprise you :)).

I'll try the Erissery with white lobia next time.....

Sia's Corner said...

wow...thanks for the recipe M:) usually i used to cook blck eyed beans as i would for rajma:) and also sometimes in coconut milk with not much spice:)
by the way were u and trupti were discussing abt upma? OMG!!! first time i left comment in ur blog i saw same conversation and looks like it never gonna end;) he he he.... i am gonna call u both upmaholics from now on;)

musical said...

Hey Sia,

I actually enjoy the lobia cooked in coconut milk, served with plain rice-especially for a simple dinner. and yes, Trupti and i were realy talking about Upma. The best way to keep oir mouths shut on this one would be to supply some piping hot upma :))

Or may be you can join in too ;).

Sia's Corner said...

i will send my hubby over...another upma-crazy;)

Seema said...

Loved your recipe. I cook it in a very different way and add garlic thadka in the end. Loved your version of curry. Just one doubt. Whats Shah Jeera? Is it the normal jeera seeds or the long black ones?

Dumela said...

hey musical, thank so much for the clarification on sag... yes i heard of palak sag b4, and my mum corrected me too, she basically said the same thing u were saying that its a generic term for greens, so amaranth wud be chowli sag! thaaanks!!!

sunita said...

I love these beans and love your version as well...thanks...

musical said...


Sure.....ask Jija ji to join-you can take up the post of official Upma advisor also :).

Hey Seema,

I'll try your take on Lobia :). The Shah Jeera is the black, long cumin.


Welcome to my blog, dear :). good to talk to you-will visit your blog for more. Thanks.


Thanks dear. Aren't these beans delicious :-D. We all agree on that :).

TRS said...

Kahan Gayi?? saab thik haina?


Aruna said...


Recently found ur blog, Tried this curry & was delicious. Thx for sharing.

musical said...

Hey T,

Yup, right here :-D. Just that i was running around a bit ;). Two posts are coming up.....howz it going for you.


Thanks dear, for taking time to visit my blog and more so for trying the recipe. I really appreciate your encouraging words-truly means a lot. i am glad you liked it!

Manisha said...

Musical, spill! Yeh saab kaun hain? ;-)

Mandira said...

Musical, it's so much fun reading the comments on your posts :) the lobia with bature looks delicious. Have to try making lobia your way. I can never get the taste of home whenever I make it... maybe dry methi is the secret ingredient :)

musical said...


whats the wink for ;).

Hey Mandira,

Good to see here dear. I am totally sold on Ahaar's Veena Stores post-it actually brought a huge smile on my face.....and fond memories. and the Kalam Polo-i love vegetarian versions of classics :). and i enjoy the comments too-especially the nok-jhonk ones :).

Nupur said...

Musical jee, I made your recipe today, and we enjoyed it ever so much! Thanks for sharing :) I'll be making this often.

musical said...

Hey Nupur Sweetie, am so glad you enjoyed it :). Thanks you too for trying it, itr means a lot to me.

Bhawana said...

hey girl,

today I am cooking this lobia and wanted something newer version which I found here :). Liked the idea of adding shimla mirch.


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