Thursday, April 26, 2007

Pretty, healthy and delicious: A Raita :)

Raita, simple combination of seasoned yogurt/curd and other ingredients of your choice.....who doesn't love it. Salty or sweet n' spicy or both-raitas come in all shapes and sizes and present a very good way of having our vegetables (and fruits and even fried stuff )! There are some raitas which we all know about: the boondi raita, aloo-raita, onion-tomato-cucumber raita etc. And then there are those which are the pride of regional Indian cuisines e.g. Bhoplyachi bharith (pumpkin and curd based), Mujj chetin (mooli and curd), Baathu/Bathua raita (Bathua greens and curd) and so on.....feel free to share more varieties :). Raitas can look as serene or as jazzy as we want them to. Last week we enjoyed a simple raita, the ghiya raita. This week, we'll have fun with this dazzling, gorgeous looking raita :).

So what is this raita made of :). BEETS! yes, grated beets, sour curd and you are in for bliss! Beets are a wonderful vegetable-colorful and delightful. You can have them as salads, make crisps or chips out of them, make delish curries (by Seema) and so on.....You can even enjoy the beet greens. I love the beet greens and Ashakka does so too :). I was ecstatic to see her beet-green daal y'day. I also make beet green bhurji, either alone or with other vegetables like beans or eggplants. So, what are we waiting for- lets make this raita!

We need:

  • One beet (washed and peeled)
  • 1 cup curd or yogurt (preferably sour)
  • 1/4 tsp. each cumin and coriander powders (Jeera and Dhania, roasted and ground)
  • 1/4 tsp. ground black pepper (kali mirchi powder)
  • Salt to taste
  • Green chillies (chopped-add to taste)

Grate the beet in a bowl. At this step either use it as such or microwave after covering for 2-3 minutes and cool down before us. If you microwave, it gives you a sublime sweet taste in the raita. For those who prefer salty raitas, don't microwave. Beat the curd or yogurt and add to the grated beets. Add a cpl. of tbsp. water if the mixture is too thick. Add the salt and the spices, followed by the green chillies. Serve with your favorite food. I sometimes also have this (and other raitas) as a full meal! Enjoy :).

Notes: Chillies do add a lot here as well :). So if you don't like the heat from the chillies, you can slit a chilli pepper into two, remove the seeds and add to the raita. Bee and Reena tell us that a very healthy and delicious cousin graces the Kerala cuisine: the beetroot pachadi. Coconut, chillies and cumin ground together and mixed with seasonings added to beet and curds makes this yummy pachadi. Its always heart warming to know more about our regional delicacies.


Sandeepa said...

Perfect for Holi..Khao aur khelo :)
Ok no kidding, that's a neat one, good way to have beet

Richa said...

pretty pink raita ;-) looks like a painting on canvas, beautiful!
you are so right, raita sure perks up any meal. maennu dai bada pasand e, even if it is plain I love it. jai ho raite ki!!
btw thuuadde lai mae rava dosa banaya haega.

bee said...

looks beautiful.
mallus grind some coconut and cumin with the chilies, and it becomes a beet pachadi.

musical said...

Hey Sandeepa:

Can't stop laughing :)). Khao aur khelo sounds so appropriate :)). really, i love raitas and this one is so rich in nutrients :).


haanji, tuhanu pasand aaya :) i am so glad. i LOVE the color. yup, raita rocks! i sometimes just finish the whole bowl of raita!! Dahi adds the delicious flavor to different veggies for sure. another one of my favorite is to mix the cooked saabut daal preparations and dahi :).


Thanks for sharing the beetroot pachadi recipe. I make the cocunut, cumin and green chillies paste often (cuz' i make Kalan very often)-will try this for sure. BTW, do try beet root cooked with Kalan recipe!! i have even used beets in Aviyal!

Anita said...

That sure is one great looking raita! My Umreeki friends would ask me if I was sure this was not something sweet - because of the bright pink colour - strawberry/rhubarb red!

I like to take the microwave/steaming option. And the crunch of onions is also good in it - try it!

Sig said...

Wow, that is one beautiful raitha, I like that artisitc touch there musie...

Coffee said...

Great colour!!!!! I love beets for their gorgeous colour!!!!

Asha said...

Oh! My fav veggie!!:)))

Salad looks delicious M!I Love it.
I season it usually.Bee's coconut -jeera masala sounds great too.
Thanks for the shout out,hugs!:))

Sia's Corner said...

i am having red grapes and ur pinkish red raita poped up on my screen:) he he he... well, anything with curds i LOVE it. cute recipe musical(cute coz its pink;)
so what u had with this raita? let me guess...mmm...upma? he he he...just kidding:)

Mandira said...

delish and colorful raita. I have to include more beet in our food, raita sounds good. Your wadi looks terrific. Maybe I'll get a pack this weekend.

musical said...


I know, a lot of friends (even desi friends) would ask if it was some kheer or pudding etc! same for the mujj chetin amde from red radishes. ofcourse the bowl didn't have the give away kali mirchi garnish, unlike the pictue here :-D will try it with the onions next time.


Thanks sweetie, i am getting inspired by your colorful creations to dish out something colorful :-D

musical said...


Thanks a lot dear :). I agree, this one adds a lot of color to the dinner table. Enjoy :).


I must thank you for blogging that wonderful daal-saag recipe. With two recommendations on the seasoned pachidi, i have to try it :). hugs and have great weekend.

musical said...


Ofcourse, cute people make cute dishes ;). Aha! so you are having grapes! My sister loves the grapes and pineapple raita-you must try it sometime. He he, my love of raita equals my love for upma-but i had the raita alone :-D.


Thanks a lot, dear. am glad you liked this way of having beets. and do try the wadis.....i love their spicy taste :).

Sharmi said...

that surely looks colorful, I don't know how raw beets would taste. will try it though.

Manjula said...

Nice deep color from the beets. Like the idea of microwaving beets.

musical said...


Don't worry-they'll taste good. The curds and green chillies will ensure that they do :-D. also you can microwave/steam the grated beets to eliminate if you don't enjoy raw beets.


i agree, the color looks great-and microwaving would give a lil' sweet flavor to the raita.

Reena said...

muse, that's a beautiful raita. very healthy!! my friend makes this with ground coconut and then it is called beet root pachadi in kerala:).

musical said...


Now i really have to try the pachadi :). Thanks sweetie for sharing this bit.

trupti said...


anything with dahi in it just HAS to be good...gawd, I eat dahi with practically everything. This beet raita will be perfect with some Palak rotis, whaddaya say??

Lovely color- I have a Sari that color.... :)

musical said...

Hey Trupti,

i agree, anything with dahi ensures taste :). Palak roti, wow! that sounds, lets try :)).

I love that color true, am sure that sari must be very pretty. hope that you are having a great weekend.


Manisha said...

I am a fan of beet raita. I boil my beets first and then grate them. I've always hung on to the greens thinking I will do something with them and then it's too late...they've wilted. :-(

I've never made it with dhana-jeera and black pepper. Will give it a shot next time.

Here's mine - I add juice of some grated ginger for an extra zing.

You're absolutely right! It's pretty, healthy and delicious and one of my fave raitas!

musical said...

Thanks Manisha. Your recipe sounds more like the one that Ashakka was suggesting-with seasoning. am on my way to try it :-D. i love ginger, so it should be good.

Kajal said...

Hi Musical,
I never try this type of raita but after see your dish I will try as soon as possible.
Nice picture with healthy side dish.
Take Care.:)

musical said...

Dear Kajal:

Thanks :) i am sure you will like this raita. Enjoy and have a great day.


Pelicano said...

I made this raitha last night. I had grated cooked beets into a bowl, had added yoghurt and green chiles...then did a search for these ingredients and your Kitchen popped up! I said, "I know her!" :-) So, I added your spicing---- I simply LOVE it!! Thank you so much...

musical said...

Hey Pel:

I am happy that you liked it :). Its nutritious and delicious in one bowl :-D. and i love it too!

and telepathy happens!