Monday, October 15, 2007

FAHC: Share a smile :)

Words synonymous with food/khana are integral part of our vocabulary, they indicate sustenance, comfort, connection, affection and whole lot more to all of us. A lot of fond memories are woven around food and eating. However, food also indicates survival, the most basic necessity of life.....It always gives one immense satisfaction to feed someone, to share some food.....because your share the spirit of life, the spirit of survival.

By extending your hand to help feed children, you can share smiles, and this instinct to live.....

By contributing whatever lil' you can, you can help a great cause. Nothing is too lil' or too small to share. Every bit counts-do your bit today. Share a smile.....

Fellow blogger V.K. Narayanan (VKN), from My Dhaba has taken up a wonderful initiative, called Feed A Hungry Child (FAHC). is a not-for-profit charitable organization formed in a collaborative effort of the like-minded people from all around the world. It aims to replace the empty plates of the underprivileged children and replace them with ones of food. While FAHC addresses the holistic needs of each children it supports, it believes illiteracy, malnutrition, and other concerns can only be addressed when hunger is appeased.

Immediate Mission:

  • Join the fight against global poverty.
  • Help feed hungry children one by one.

Larger Vision: aims to improve the lives of a good many underprivileged children in their efforts to support themselves, their families, and their communities by giving them the chance for better food, better education, better healthcare, and other welfare.

Lets join him in his effort and extend whatever help we can. VKN and Indira (Mahanandi) have together invited everyone to come, join and share.

Along with Indira, Sh. Suvir Saran (well-known chef), Anjali Damerla (Supreme Spice), Bee and Jai (Jugalbandi), Manisha (Indian Food Rocks), Shilpa (Aayi's Recipes), Padmaja (Spicy Andhra), Mythili (Vindu), Siri (Siri's Corner) and Richa (As Dear As Salt), have come up with some great raffle prizes for the participants too! The prizes include Ammini Ramachandran's great book (Indira), Suvir ji's lovely books (Suvir ji), a beautifully packaged set of spice extracts (Anjali), a fantastic book on digital photography (Bee and Jai), beautiful ready-to-wear saris for lil' girls (Manisha), a fair-trade gift hamper from the UK (Padmaja), a beautiful painting, which is Shilpa's own breathtaking creation, a gorgeous, customized platter, hand-painted by Mythili Rachel Ray's "30 minute meals" by Siri, and lovely gourmet dark chocolatefrom Richa! The list is growing fast. Find out on how to enroll for the raffle at Mahanandi/Jugalbandi.

Fellow bloggers, if your read this, please support the FAHC cause on your blog. Readers, friends, lurkers, please share whatever you can through the Chip-in button in the side-bar, or contribute in other possible ways. Sharing always feels good :).

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Srivalli said...

Thats a nice post. Good of you to support a good cause.

musical said...


Thanks, buddy! Lets all do whatever lil' we can. VKN is doing a great job with it.

sunita said...

Isn't it such a great cause...we take so many things in life for granted...wouldn't it be wonderful if we could make even the slightest difference for the better in the life of an underprivileged child.

Swaroopa said...

thanx for the post dear. a truly worthy cause.

Richa said...

that is a nice cause!
pata nai may ajj post kar sakangi ki nai?

Padmaja said...

its so wonderful to see so many of us gearing up to provide a smile to those children!!

Asha said...

Wonderful cause, will chip in!:))
Loved the Peachy recipe too!

musical said...


I agree, together we can make the difference, however lil' it may be.


Thanks, dear!


I think the whole event lasts for a week, may be you can post whenever you get a chance. that should be OK.


I agree, its very heartening indeed.


THanks, dear. Everey bit counts.

Indira said...

Thanks very much dear Musical, for writing about this fund-drive.

musical said...

Dear Indira, and thanks to you too for taking all the time and effort to put this dream into concrete shape, along with VKN.

A kitchen scientist & a white rat hubby!!! said...

appreciate your iterest in this noble cause, musical...
its my first time here i suppose, and the snap of the buddha-lemon...wwow!!..its really lovely!!

musical said...

Kitchen Scientist:

Thanks, dear :). Lets all chip-in :). And the Buddha's hands lemon is really something!

Pelicano said...

Very nice of you to help in promoting this fund drive Musical!

musical said...

Thanks, Pel. Together we can do it!