Wednesday, October 17, 2007

A really different, really healthy aloo-gobhi :).

Yes, indeed-its different! One, its really simple to put together (the only things you chop are aloo and gobhi) and two, its a zero oil recipe! And it packed with flavor! I have previously posted Mom's aloo-gobhi recipe, which ofcourse is an all time favorite. Today's recipe, retains the key spices from that recipe: ginger and green chillies and combines them the tangy taste of sour curds. I made it this weekend, and i had to share it with you :). Oh, talking about sharing: here's a cute piece of diary turned one y'day :-D. Blogging has been fun. So, here's to blogging and fun :).

Dahi wali aloo-gobhi

This dish is a simple one, but really yummy! We marinate the aloo and gobhi in a mix of sour curds, grated ginger, garlic salt, green chillies, cumin and coriander powders and salt, cook the aloo-gobhi first on low heat and then on high heat, and there it is: zero oil, flavorful aloo-gobhi.

We need:

  • One Cauliflower (cleaned and cut into big florets, check the recipe mentioned above)
  • 2 Russet/Idaho Potatoes (peeled and cubed)
  • 1 cup sour curds (i used store-bought fat free yogurt, to make it almost completely fat free)
  • 1 tbsp. grated ginger
  • 1/2 tsp. garlic-chilli salt ( i used Cholula brand, you can use any other brand garlic salt or 1 clove crushed garlic, which should work just as well)
  • 1 tsp. each cumin and coriander (jeera and dhania) powders
  • 1-2 green chillies (chopped)
  • Salt to taste
  • Fresh cilantro for garnishing

In a bowl, mix all ingredients except aloo, gobhi and salt, to make the marinade. Coat the aloo and gobhi pieces with this marinade and let rest for 10-15 minutes. Now you can choose one of the two ways to cook this dish:

Either tranfer these pieces and any remaining marinade into a pan. In this case, cook on low till the cauliflower florets are tender (takes about 25-30 minutes).


Place the aloo-gobhi in a baking dish and cover with aluminium foil. IIf using the baking method, bake the aloo-gobhi at 400 degrees F for 30-40 minutes and transfer the contents to a pan.

From here on, the method is the same:

Now add salt to the aloo gobhi and cook on high heat to dry all the liquid. This takes about another 10 minutes. The end result should be a well done, non- soggy, non-mushy aloo gobhi. Garnish with cilantro and enjoy with chapati or paranthas. Trust me, you won't miss the oil!

Notes: 1.Baking with yougurt/curds retains some liquid even after 30 minutes, hence cooking in the pan is essential. It not only dries up the liquid, but also makes the aloo-gobhi firm yet well cooked.
2. The marinade is really yummy! Add some boiled and mashed potatoes or some fried eggplant slices to it and enjoy a yummy raita!


Sia said...

tusi gr8 ho ji:) and congrats for ut blog anniversary musie:) we looooooooooooooooove ur blog.

Padmaja said...

hey one veggie, i cannot wholeheartedly cook is cauliflower. I don't like it much but when i see so many wonderful recipes around, i feel like trying

Siri said...

Hey musical, loved ur oil- free, fat-free version of Aloo Gobhi dear..:) Y don't u send it to WYF-Diet food event. It would be an awesome entry..:)

indosungod said...

Congratulations on reaching the milestone and wishing many more to come.
This fat free version of aloo gobi looks delicious, never cooked aloo gobi with curds.

Asha said...

Congratulation on the first diary anniversary!:))
It is different indeed. I made Aloo Gobi last week, it's the usual red! Love the color and tangy sounds goo to me!
Have a great Navratri! Hugs to you Musical:))

Rachna said...

hey musy a biiiiiiiig congrats to you..and i love aalo gobhi that is khadi-khadi....not soggy

sunita said...

Congrats on your diary's b'day...and I really , really, really , really love your recipe.

Cinnamon said...

Its so Simple.... and I must say very healthy too...
Congrats on first dairy Anniversary :)

Sandeepa said...

I made an almost exact Aloo-Gobhi (no oil) a few day back. It became a fav at home but I always throw in stuff so no measures :(
But I added a little onion paste and also a Tandoori Masala.Also I do it totally in the ove.

HAppy Blog BirthDay dear. We started out around the same time but got to know each other much later. Love your blog and love impression of the person behind it.

Heres to many many more years with you

bindiya said...

That's a really healthy recipe and the combination will turn out quite good,I guess.

Mishmash ! said...

Happy Blog birthday/anniv :) Though it 's very recently I got to know you, your thoughtful remarks and your yummy recipes are always a pleasure to read..wishing you many more years :)

Now that we re talking about Mr/Ms Aloo, i wanted to know, if you know a preparation with aloo and dried methi leaves...I tasted it from a Punjabi friends house and loved it...i just saw her sauteeing everything in lot of oil, dont know the spices that has gone into u have that recipe..? dont know if you already blogged it!


Richa said...

haanji, diary di first anniv bot bot vadhaiyan' :) lets drink err.. eat to that ;)
this gobi turns out awesome, isn't it? looks very good, not mushy at all :) sometimes i add tandoori masala as well :)

shilpa(Aayisrecipes) said...

Congrats on diary's bday :).
Gobhi looks great. While reading this, I realized that I haven't prepared aloo-gobhi in a long time now. Will make it with your recipe soon...thanks

Sig said...

I Love this recipe musy... The marinade sounds yummy, and cooking it in the oven is such a great idea! It looks great, the veggies are all firm, not at all mushy like my gobi creations... :)

Tee said...

congrats on completing a year! I love this no oil aloo gobhi...marinade sounds delish! Can i use buttermilk instead of curds?

Saju said...

What a healthy tasty looking recipe!! I will try it. Congrats on your one year anniversary , mine is soon too.

sra said...

Musical, just visited your diary, happy birthday! This dish is v nice, I have a no-oil aloo dum recipe with me and that works very well too! I've adapted it to other veggies too!

Mandira said...

Congratulations on your blog anniversary. And cheers to many more to come :) The alu gobhi looks great. Will try it this weekend.

TheCooker said...

Tusi indeed great ho, Surili, making alo-gobi in the oven.
Happy BlogBirthday!

musical said...


Thanks, dear :). You've always been so generous to me :). Now bring on some bechha bechha kapi :).


I too have some vegetables that i need a lot of convincing to prepare :). I hope one of these recipes will make you enjoy gobhi :).


Thanks, dear :). I'll check out the event! Thanks for the pointer! Am glad you liked it :).


Thanks a ton, dear :). Curds add a lovely flavor to gobhi, try it some time :).

musical said...


Thanks for the encouragement, dear :). I am sure your version of aloo-gobhi must have been finger-licking good! You too have a fantastic Navaratri :).



Thanks, dear :). I remember your khadi-khadi gobhi preference from my last post :). This one is khadi-khadi, so am sure you'll like it :).


Thanks a ton, dear :). You inspired me to post this no-oil recipe :).


Thanks, dear :). Glad you liked the recipe :). It is healthy indeed.

Sharmi said...

I tried something similar, from saju's blog and baked it but didnt get cooked. your version looks awesome! want to try out sometime:)

musical said...


That's awesome! Really, sweetie, post your dish! Mine wasn't exact too, till i blogged it:-D. I'll try it with the tandoori masala and onion paste next time. The reason i brought it to stove top was because of the larger amount of curds i used.

and thanks a ton for the warm wishes! Its really nice that we can connect with each other through our thoughts that we pour on these pages. And you still remember the Cafe' and Chai stall deal, right :-D.


Thanks a lot, my generous friend :). The feeling is mutual :). As for the aloo-methi combo, the most common one is with fresh methi. And sometimes we add dried methi leaves to aloo-bhujia or aloo stir fry, which can be either with or without dahi. Will try posting it soon :).


Hannji, thanks a lot :). Mainu pata si tuhanu pasand aayegi :). Will surely add tandoori masala next time :). Dahi naal swad bahut nikhar janda e na :).


Thanks, dear :). Do try it, am sure you'll enjoy it. I made aloo-gobhi after a long time as well!

musical said...


Thanks, sweetie :). The marinade is finger licking good! especially with all the ginger and green chillies in it ;). Do try it, am sure you'll enjoy it. The key to keep gobhi from turning mushy is to slow cook bigger pieces. that has always worked for me.


Thanks, dear :). You can use buttermilk, but then i would recommend stove top cooking because of the thinner marinade. Oh, and your coconut-milk gobhi-bell pepper bake is next on my list!


Thanks, dear :). I am glad you enjoyed the recipe. My food blog anniversary will be in March-hope i can bring together more interesting dishes by then :).


Thanks, ji :). Aloo-dum with no oil, sounds good. I'll try it over the weekend. I am already imagining the taste of loochi-aloor dum!

musical said...


Thanks for the warm wishes, dear :). Do try it, and lemme know how you like it :).


Thanks, ji :). I hope i can make more interesting dishes for all of us.


Thanks ji :). Do try it and am sure you'll like it.

Puspha said...

Congrats on ur ann. Very simple & healthy.

Lakshmi said...

Happy Blogiversary! I love aloo gobhi in any form ;D

musical said...


Thanks, buddy :). I am glad you enjoyed the recipe :).


Thanks a ton, dear :). Great knowing that we share our love for aloo-gobhi :).

Pelicano said...

Happy Birthday to your Kitchen!!!

The dish looks really good; at first when you said "no oil" I was skeptical, but hey, I love raw gobhi, I love salted dahi, and I don't need oil to enjoy why not?

Have you tried making the leftovers into pakodes? :-D

Anita said...

Just made this seasons first gobi-aloo this week - more like your mum's version. Gobi-aloo is one of my fav dishes all thru winter...made with dahi seems like an interesting variation on a classic.

TBC said...

Congrats on completing a year!
I made aloo-gobi 2 days back...not like this though. Your version with no oil/fat sounds good.Should try this sometime.

musical said...


Thanks for the wishes, dear :). But its the diary's b'day. the kitchen would celebrate its b'day in March :-D. But good wishes are welcome anytime :)).

Leftover, what leftovers ;). First day, its parantha/sourdoughbread/chapati with gobhi, second day its gobhi inside the stuffed paranthas :-D. And the gobhi doesn't taste raw in this dish :).


Aloo-Gobhi is an eternal favorite, isn't it :). One of the best winter time bonanzas :). I usually stick to Mom's version, just made this in a quirky moment and it turned out well :).


Thanks, dear :). Aloo-gobhi in any form is delish :). Try it, am sure you'll enjoy it :).

Pelicano said...

Well, happy birthday to your diary then! I should read it shouldn't I? Anything scandalous in there? :-)

So, this is the life-cycle of alu-gobhi: First day with parantha... second day inside parantha, third day...hmmm...skinny-dipping in the swimming pool? :-D

Roopa said...

Happy Blog Aniversary Musy and i just love reading your posts :)
The aloo gobi looks yum as ever !Have a great weekend!

musical said...


Thanks a lot, dear :). You too have a great weekend :).

trupti said...

how are you?????? thanks so much for your note, I am trying to post when I can, still have that hectic schedule though!
so nice to see this version of aloo-gobhi, I am getting tired of the same old versions for sure!

will drop a line soon!

hugs, trupti

musical said...


Wow! What a pleasant surprise! So good to see you here :). Take your time, dear-hope you are having a great weekend.

hugs to you too :).

Mishmash ! said...

hey, thanks :) this one I had was without dahi and they used dried that available here in desi stores, I mean the dried ones ?

musical said...


I will try to post a recipe soon :). Yup, the Indian stores do keep dried methi leaves-they are sold by the name Kasuri Methi (the leaves are really crumbled up though)-Peacock brand is the most common one.


How did i miss your comment! i am sorry, dear! Yup you can read it, nothing scandulous there :-D.

You are wicked!

Hima said...

That dish looks really cool. I may want to try this.

musical said...


Thanks, dear :). Do try it, am sure you'll enjoy it!

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